danza e yoga simbolo



“Between Within” it is space, not space, border (limit) and substance…
It is the fluid and rhythmic flow in the bones, the muscles and the organs, the tendons and ligaments actions that allow me freedom and harmoniously allow me to reconnect.
It is “between” who I am and who I think to be, melting into one another. it is life connective tissue, the space that caresses the skin and the skin that discovers the space. It is what it includes and what it defines.
Imperceptible and always present in any instance, it is the transitive action that enriches each movement and each pause.
It is “within” what it is, where I am going and what I am leaving, the glance and where the glance rests.
It is the heart and it is the ability of the heart to connect without prejudice our world and the transcendent world, carnality and ascetism, the looking of oneself and the going through oneself.
Between the fulfillment created between music and dance, a rendezvous that I called God when I was a child. Between the moment I think I should start again and the one that is already there. Genesis and beginning of precious lucidity that grows pulsating in a sweet and silent marvel.
Body whispers, instruments whisper, space whispers. But is there a borderline among them? Immense intimacy and comprehension. We are….I am


Improvisation performance between music and dance

with Benedetta Capanna and Oscar Bonelli