danza e yoga simbolo



An open conversation between music and dance, not in the shade of a tree, but driven by its vibrations. The tree is in fact connected to an instrument capable of detecting electromagnetic changes between leaves and roots, which reveals the song of the plant.
The performance will be developed within unpredictable sounds emitted by the tree which will likewise surprise the performers.
We, as part of Creation, in the complex, diverse and poetic Indian philosophical thought expressed in Katha-e-Maitry Upanishad, as in the Bhagavad Gita. We are small elements of the big upside down tree, the cosmic tree, called Asvattha, from which the brahmin descends and to which we are deeply connected one another like small leaves of the same branch.
The performance thus becomes contemplative, meditative and collective in its search for the aerial roots as earthly pillars, skillfully cultivating equilibrium, respect and global awareness.


An improvised set for dancer, musician and a lemon tree

dance Benedetta Capanna
music Oscar Bonelli