danza e yoga simbolo



Kizuna is a Japanese word meaning ‘’bond’’ and its written character has been chosen as best representing year 2011
This choreography pays homage to deep connections established beyond intention, beyond continual moves and transient residencies and to unassuming relations that don’t live up to expectations.
Kizuna celebrates relationships fostered by silence and absence and those which induce growth, which remove mask upon mask, allowing access to our purest essence, to those clasped to freedom and to the eternal spiritual tie that will never part.
The mind runs through rosaries made of images, emotions and evocation. Past, present, future and eternity…
The two dancers compose this symbol with their bodies, sealing timeless bonds in the apparent labyrinth of life.



Choreography Benedetta Capanna
Dancers Benedetta Capanna e Stefano Fardelli
Musics Strauss, Musica tradizionale Giapponese, Sciarrino
Production Excursus (2012)
through the contribution of 369GRADI and CORE