danza e yoga simbolo



In a world of sounds, through the creation of a patient dance, a mosaic of oneself is being made, by recomposing the shattered and scattered pieces of tiles in search of a centre without centre, by constructing and deconstructing, by disintegrating and reintegrating and giving up deeply for an instant to this inevitable cycle.
This work aspires to be a patient dance, constantly undergoing cycles of death and rebirth. In five dances, time is given for depleting the intimate perceptions of the body that die and come back to life continually through a journey of experiential anatomy: fluids, organs, bones, deep muscles and breath. Every aspect of our physical body in fact, reflects a different quality of movement, a different dynamic, a psychological state, a mental and emotional development. This receptive quality and the qualities that derive from it, give shape to a dance which contains these features and is always distinctive.
Our dances cease the minute they are performed, our wishes end the minute they come true, needs vanish, sound fades away just like our roles and ideas. Sometimes it’s like certainties are shattered, disintegrated and desecrated but it is only in letting go of this inevitable process, that we offer ourselves the possibility of surprising ourselves in the present moment of our life, savouring even if for a short moment, a centre without centre.
When life and the heart seem to have crumbled to pieces, thankfully through art we are consoled by composing an amiable and delicate mosaic of ourselves.

MOSAICO (2013)

choreography and Dance Benedetta Capanna
live music Vittorino Naso
production Excursus Onlus
with the contribution of CORE

Thanks to Teatro Potlach for the residency