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For your eternal spring I will dance

To my father Gian Franco
Choreography and Dance: Benedetta Capanna
Music: Tanya Tagaq and Traditional Korean Music

Wood – Mù – is the first scene of my new choreographic project of wood and fire… keep dancing. young but always ancient soul. These elements associated respectively with the spring and the summer season are symbols of rebirth and of explosion of vitality. We reborn and die to ourselves many times in life and looking back often it seems to have lived more lives in one existence. But the fragmented colors, the images that cross us in a confused way, with and through the dancing body can become light colors and images that cross us differently making us feel part of a whole. In dance I love to seek rituality, to create a relationship between subtle and coarse life. In dance I seek clarity, clear vision and crossing: every dance gives us something new and takes us into a new page of ourselves, it is abandonment and evolution. The wood, which needs the humidity of the water to live, is the spring with its windy weather, it is the strong and flexible bamboo. It is the color green and the East. It is connected to the liver, to the joints, and to the space and represents the movement in all directions. It is Hun, the spirit responsible for every journey of the soul.

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