Dance Class


This training prepares the body to several levels of research, cultivating perception,creativity, sensibility and technical capacity. The contemporary dancer should in fact be open to dynamics, to quality, to different themes and situations which are often contrasting. Starting from principles of Yoga and body thinking, through floor and standing sequences, and at times improvisations, body work will be carried out in rapport to gravity and breath, approaching the technique with lightness, studying its functionality and support in dynamics and space. By feeling, emergency of movement arises, as arises the connection that embodies and a conscious body which already dances. The last part of the class is dedicated to the execution and\or construction of dance sequences.

From October 2018:

Via Stefano Longanesi 14, Roma
Friday 12:00pm – 2pm

For informations or to organize private classes or workshop contact: or 320-0829030