TRA (2015)

Performance of improvisation between music and dance

with Benedetta Capanna and Oscar Bonelli

“Tra” is space, not space ,confines and substance… it is that which it includes and that which it defines. It is the connecting tissue of life. Imperceptible and always present in every moment, it is the action of transition which makes every movement and every pause precious. It is like the metaphor of the unveiling.

Pannikar writes:

“It is not by lifting the veil (and thus seeing the naked reality) that we will discover reality but by realising that the veil covers and conceals and that the discovery of this fact constitutes the actual revelation. To reveal in this sense is not to unveil, to lift up the veil, but to “reveal” the veil, to make us aware that what we see and all we can see is the veil, and that it is left to us to “guess” – or as we could say, to “think” – reality, which is made manifest by precisely the veil that covers it. We cannot separate the veil from the thing that is veiled, just as we cannot separate a word from its meaning, or what is heard from what is understood.”

Tra is a moment of precious lucidity.