In the white space of my time


In the white space of my time
Choreography di Benedetta Capanna

Inspired freely by Paul Auster’s “White Spaces”
This project has been realized thanks to “Residenze Creative” Duncan 2010


Music: Toru Takemitsu

I walk forward, ceaselessly, one foot after the other, walking on life like in my small bedroom. My same life seems to walk over me with the same insistence and so my thoughts and so my regrets. Everything changes ceaselessly, I’m always changing as well, but at some points I find and I see scattered fragments of me… Now I have just to sign the white space of my time… fill up the emptiness of my spared time.

“Something begins, and already it is not longer the beginning, but something else, propelling us into the heart of the things that is happening. If we were suddenly to stop and ask ourselves, “where are we going?”, or “where are we now?”, we would be lost, for at each moment we are not longer where we were, but have left ourselves behind, irrevocably, in a past that has not memory, a past endlessly obliterated that carries us into the present ”
“I put one foot in front of the other, and then I put the other foot in front of the first, which has now become the other and which will again become first. I walk within these four walls, and for as long as I am here I can go anywhere I like…. The Light, streaming through the windows, never casts the same shadows twice, and at any given moment I feel myself on the brink of discovering some terrible, unimagined truth. These are moments of great happiness for me” Paul Auster


Music: Edward Elgar, Toru Takemitsu, Arvo Part, Benjamin Lew

Sometime, suddenly, it happen to me to slide in that state that I call “state of grace”… In these moments the idea of “To Do” crumbles away and in the naivety of the simple “to feel”, lightness and depth open up and they meet each other. I taste in these short experience a sweet vertigo of suspension of life, integrate and grateful between earth and sky… I am… and at the end what is more important than that? What is more important that to find the silence that melt away, delete, and forgive everything and everybody?

“I dedicate these words to the things in life I do not understand, to each thing passing away before my eyes. I dedicate these words to the impossibility of finding a word equal to the silence inside me..”.
The snow falling endlessly in the winter night. To remain in the realm of the naked eye, as happy as I am at this moment. And if this is too much to ask, then to be granted the memory of it, a way of returning to it in the darkness of the night that will surely engulf me me again. Never to be anywhere but here. And the immense journey through space that continues. Everywhere, as if each place were here. And the snow falling endlessly in the winter night.” Paul Auster

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